There was a lot of news about plumbers this past season. Turns out we have our own plumber - and he's a biker and poet, too. Introducing Scottie White:

No money
No credit
Enjoying life
Good woman
Good job
Enjoying life
Three bikes
One truck
Enjoying life
Sometimes pot roast
Sometimes beanie weenies
Enjoying life
Good friends
Good dog
Enjoying life

Plumber - © 08

Have the day off
Of course money is short
Bike gets fifty miles per gallon
Three bucks sixty for fuel
A buck forty for two krystals
One hundred mile ride


Plumber - © 09

I knew nothing as a child
I knew nothing at age twenty
I knew nothing at age thirty
I knew nothing at age forty
When my body leaves this earth
I will still know nothing

Plumber - © 09

How can I be a biker
Without a bike

I was asked
By a longtime biker

His face
Just a mask

Sold his bike
Mortgage was due
Construction is very slow

Being a biker
Depends not on a ride
Being a biker is in the soul

Ride on brother

Plumber - © 09

Sometimes it takes courage
Just to be yourself
Take fears and insecurities
Place them on a shelf
Go out in this world
Lend your thoughts a voice
Stand for internal beliefs
Is there another choice
No matter others opinions
Of what is right or wrong
Do what the heart tells you
Listen to the guttural song
Please only one person
That is me, number one
Others will get over it
When the day is done

Plumber - © 09