RoadPoet-NY Submissions Guidelines:
  1. This heap 'o electrons is based in, and is directed toward, the interests of the those who write and appreciate the writing of bikerfolk who, as a general rule, reside in New York, Pennsylvania and (when we're in a good mood) New Jersey. We reserve the right to publish (or not publish) anything, anytime, from anywhere.

  2. We don't take or want the rights to your wordage. We just provide a place for folks to express themselves so as to slightly decrease the number of people firing live rounds at passers-by from tall structures.

  3. We reserve (and reverse) the right to publish what we like or what we feel is appropriate - so don't take it personally - if what you do doesn't fit. We are NOT obligated to publish it, as this this is our psychotic delusion, not yours.

  4. Send stuff by Email or snail-mail. Keep a copy... we don't return anything unless theres a $20 bill stapled to it. As you may well imagine, the only part of the twenty you'll get back is those little, tiny staple holes in your manuscript.

  5. These submission guidelines are subject to revision, modification, and/or being summarily ignored at the caprice of the editorial staff. But don't bet the farm on it.

  6. Why are you reading this instead of out riding???

EDITORIAL COMMENT ON STYLE: POETRY DOES NOT HAVE TO RHYME. If you rhyme, it should more interesting than moon-june-spoon doggerel... We are looking for original, fresh, powerful and moving words. We are NOT a venue for gratuitous political abuse, gratuitous nationalist crap, personal, spiritual, ethnic or marque bashing. If you travel on two wheels you're ok by us... now impress us and get published.

I accept the above guidelines:

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